Career Level Program Name Overview
Fresh A
(1st year of career)
New Graduate Training - Guidance on transition from student to working adult
(business manners, etc.)
- About EBARA (business/technologies, etc.,)
New Graduate Follow-up Training - Sharing of information about job/role in the office
- Reflections on 1st year of career
Fresh B
(3-5 year career)
Business Person Training: Basic
(~3 year career)
- Fosters self-motivation
- Encourages initiative and creative problem-solving
Business Person Training: Advanced
(~5 year career)
- Encourages initiative and creative problem-solving with an emphasis on involving and motivating others
- Includes post-training follow-up session
(6-10 year career)
On-the-Job (OJT) Leader Training - Covers fundamentals of On-the-Job Training
- Includes post-training follow-up session
Section Manager Management Training
(Performance Appraisal Training)
- Information regarding current human resource system
- Shares necessary skills for evaluating performance
Section Manager Training - Teaches how to shift from a “player’s” mind-set to a “management” mind-set
- Includes post-training follow-up session
Department Manager Department Manager Training - Development of management & leadership skills
- Includes post-training follow-up session
Program Name Applicable Level Objective Format
Leader A Training Mid to Section Managers Develop candidates for department-level management (Business administration knowledge/skills, etc.) Group Trainings/ School Attendance
Leader B Training Department Managers Develop candidates for division-level management
Executive Development Division Executive Develop candidates for executive-level management
Program Name Applicable Level Objective Format
Discussion Program with Executives Fresh A
(1-2 year career)
Foster independence and initiative in fresh employees Group training