Body Purpose Composition
Risk Management Panel (RMP) Deliberate and oversee overall risk management strategy/measures for the Group and provide guidance and support for improvements Members: All Executive Officers
Chair: President and Representative Executive Officer
Business Continuity Management (BCM) Subcommittee Ensure business continuity in the event of large-scale disasters Members:Department heads of Risk Management/ HR/General Affairs/Information Systems/Business Segment Risk Management Departments
Chair: Risk Management Division Executive Officer
Information Security Subcommittee Strengthen information security measures with a particular focus on IT Security and Information Management Members: Department heads of Risk Management/Information Systems
Chair: Person responsible for Group Information Security
Company Risk Management Committees - Respond to risks faced by each business segment and each Group Company under the purview of each business segment regarding sales projects, contracts, investment and financing, and so on
- Implement improvement measures indicated by the Risk Management Panel
Members: Nominees of Company Presidents
Chair: Company Presidents