Hotlines Overview
External law firm An external law firm accepts consultations regarding compliance issues, including those related to possible human rights violations. Content of consultations received by the law firm are reported to the department in charge of compliance and the Audit Committee.
Internal department in charge of compliance The department in charge of compliance responds to consultations regarding violations of the EBARA Group's business ethics framework and/or laws and regulations by employees, and takes corrective action as necessary after conducting an investigation.
Compliance Liaisons Approximately 118 people (as of September 2023) have been appointed at workplaces nationwide, including at EBARA and all domestic subsidiaries, to act as an on-site hotline/first responder to issues regarding compliance. Liaisons have important roles in promoting compliance awareness in the workplace, identifying compliance risks on-site, and early detection and resolution of compliance.
Audit Committee Helpline The Audit Committee Office accepts consultations/whistleblowing concerning acts by executive officers, directors, or others, that may cause significant damage to the company, such as violations of laws, regulations, ethical issues, incidents of improper accounting, or other activities.
Overseas EBARA Group Hotlines We have been installing hotlines at overseas group companies, beginning with high-risk countries, as a part of the strategy to strengthen our anti-corruption program since 2016. Installation has, at the end of FY22, been completed in ten countries at 22 group companies.