Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Targets (FY22)
ROIC 7.6% or more
Operating Income to Sales Ratio 8.5% or more
Target Achievement Indicators Targets (FY22)
ROE 11.2% or more
Debt-to-Equity Ratio 0.4-0.6 times
(Operating Income Ratio by Business)
Fluid Machinery & Systems Business 7.0% or more
 Pumps Business 6.5% or more
 Compressors and Turbines Business 8.0% or more
 Chillers Business 5.0% or more
Environmental Plants Business 9.5% or more
Precision Machinery Business 13.0% or more
Growth Investment Targets (3-year Total)
Capital Investment About 100.0 billion yen
R&D About 40.0 billion yen
Shareholder Returns Targets
Consolidated Dividend Payout Ratio 35% or more
Consolidated Dividend on Equity Ratio (DOE) 2.0% or more