In today's world, against a backdrop of accelerating climate change and rising global population, water and energy shortages beset emerging countries as their economies develop, and cities are regularly hit by torrential rains. Consequently, the world's inhabitants are facing many environmental challengers, and not everyone has access to enough water and energy. In response, EBARA offers diverse solution to the water, energy and environmental issues through its superior products, technologies, and services. Foremost among these are the pumps and other fluid machinery that comprise an essential part of society's infrastructure.


Building Service & Industrial Company

Various standard pumps and fire pump units, electric pumps, centrifugal pumps, end suction volute pumps,vertical multistage pumps,..

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Energy Company

Various types of volute, axial-flow, mixed-flow, vortex and gear pumps; submersible motor pumps; vacuum pumps; screw pumps...

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Service & Parts

Pump troubles are caused primarily by others than pump itself. That is why pump system engineering, which includes all of technical...

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