Measures Implementation Matters Absentism Presentism Work
Thorough Measures to Prevent Infectious Diseases
To prevent infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and Influenza, the EBARA Group is implementing a variety of measures to create an environment in which employees can work safely.
・ Thorough infection control measures by establishing a guideline for prevention of COVID-19 infection.
・Body temperature checks at the time of admission, Avoid the Three Cs, and Management of fever and sick physical conditions
・On-line interviews with industrial physicians and health guidance
・Influenza vaccination in each office
・Implementation of hand-wash awareness-raising events using SCORE, which scores hand-wash results
・Installation of hand washing timer
EBARA Group's regular health checkup implementation rate 100%
Re-examination/ detailed examination implementation rate 100%
With the goal of 100% regular health check-up rate for the EBR Group (in Japan), we are striving for employee health management and early detection of lifestyle-related diseases.
By encouraging employees who need a detailed examination in their regular health checkups to visit a medical institution, we aim to achieve a 100% re-examination / detailed examination implementation rate.
Promote collaborative health with health insurance association
In collaboration with the EBARA Health Insurance Association, health staff in each clinic, including industrial physicians, conduct specific health guidance at four business sites of the EBARA. In addition, we will support to improve the consultation rate by making it possible for employees to visit during working hours.
We will also help to prevent lifestyle-related diseases by promoting similar specific health guidance for people under 40 years of age.
Effort for health promotion
We are planning programs to promote health and improve lifestyle-related diseases such as "E-walk plus" or "dietary modification program".
Introducing the wearable terminal “Fitbit”, it visualizes not only the number of steps but also sleep, heart rate, used calories, etc. In addition, using the AI health app "Caromama Plus", we will give advice on calorie intake and salt intake, and at the same time promote self-management by recording blood pressure measurement results.
In addition, by installing a balance ball chair in the meeting corner, we will support the improvement of employees' health and the elimination of lack of exercise.
Passive smoking countermeasures
With the revision of the Health Promotion Act in April 2020, all sites of indoors in the EBARA group was non-smoking to prevent passive smoking.
In addition, we conducted a non-smoking awareness event measurement of pulmonary age and “smokerizer” use. We will continue to provide support such as subsidizing treatment costs for those who wish to quit smoking.
Addressing Women-Specific Diseases We will hold seminars to understand women's specific diseases and enlighten them to undergo cancer screening. For lectures on " Women's Specific cancer ", an online consultation session will be held by a gynecologist for applicants  
Efforts to Consider the Elderly We will plan and implement industrial physician seminars for retired and reemployed employees, such as measures to prevent muscular weakness and backache.
Efforts to Support Employees on Administrative Leave
・ We will set up "child-rearing support rooms" at 4 offices to support breastfeeding and improve the support system for employees on maternity leave and after childcare leave.
・ Introduction of an administrative leave management system.
・ Establishment of an early return support system for employees on administrative leave (including childcare leave and maternity leave).
Initiatives Related to Stress Check
During the stress check, the EBARA Group measures not only early detection of mental disorders, but also engagement. We are working on various measures to improve engagement. For managers: "Mental health measures under COVID-19 pandemic" and "PEP talk"
For all employees: Online course "Mindfulness training" etc.
In addition to setting up a mental health consultation desk, we informed employees of self-checks and counseling using KOKOROBO.
Promoting communication through online utilization
On the enterprise social network "Currents", we distributed lectures by industrial physicians and mindfulness yoga courses, and introduced a quick lunch recipe for telework. We support to relieve stress and promote communication between employees.
Since the EBARA Cultural Sports Festival cannot hold regular sports competitions, we are planning some online events twice a month.
Follow-up System for Overtime Employees
We conduct physical condition questionnaires and interviews with doctors, and take appropriate measures for overtime workers.
Supporting Work Style Reforms
We are implementing a variety of measures to promote work style reforms.
・Increasing the percentage of paid vacation
・Promotion of remotework
・Land-line phone reducing project, etc.