EBARA Group environmental objectives (FY2020) FY2020 Results
1. Environmental Conservation Activities in Our Daily Business
① Keep voluntary standard values for environmental laws and regulations such as water pollution prevention, air pollution prevention and the like. Each office and business site worked on pollution prevention and achieved all standard values.
② Continuously reduce the amount of waste output produced from each office and business site.
- Maintain a waste material recycling rate of 95% or higher.
- Maintain a final waste landfill rate of less than 3%.
- Completely comply with the legal terms stipulated in the Construction Waste Disposal Consignment Contract.
- Utilize recognition system about reliable industrial waste disposers.
・Material recycling rate: 97.5% target achieved
・Landfill disposal rate: 1.9% target achieved
・Disposal outsourcing agreements with reliable waste disposers were rigorously adhered to, and use of the Excellent Contractor’s Certification system was encouraged.
③ Continuously reduce CO2 emissions Emissions increased by 13.0% from FY2019
*Emission factors fixed in 2000 (0.357 kg/kWh )
Emissions increased by 8.6% from FY2019
*Using Emission factors of current market value.
④ Reduce water usage by 30% from FY2000 level. ・Reduced usage by 35.2% from FY2000
*Aggregate collection in FY 2000 includes from April 2000 to March 2001. FY2020 was calculated from January 2020 to December 2020.
⑤ Continuously reduce emissions of PRTR Law controlled substances.
- Reduce VOC emissions by 30% from FY2000 level.
・Reduced PRTR substance emissions by 30.9% from FY2019
・Reduced VOC emissions by 59.5% from FY2000
*VOC emissions: Eight most used substances in the company are totaled.
*Aggregate collection in FY2000 from April 2000 to March 2001, starting from FY2018 data is calculated from January to December.
⑥ Identify and minimize environmental risk impact involved in R&D planning and in the planning, installation and operation of facilities at all offices and business sites. ・Each office and business site worked on minimizing of pollution risks through environmental reviews.
・No pollution with environmental impact outside the sites occurred.
2. Contribution to Environmental Conservation in Business Activities
⑦ Set and implement policies and goals for achieving the industry’s leading environmental performance per each product.
・In our long-term vision, E-Vision 2030, reducing greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to the about 100 million tons of CO2 has been set as one of our main targets to achieve in the next decade in order to improve social / environmental value by contributing to society through business.
・The results of key performance indicators (KPIs, such as power consumption reduction and weight reduction) set for each business were disclosed in "Integrated Report 2020".
・The pump part and motor part of the existing UCW type pump have been integrated (canned) and lined up as a series of procuduct (UCWC type). Since the canned motor pump is completely leak-free, it reduces the environmental and human impact in handling flammable and toxic liquids. In addition, it is smaller, lighter, and saves more space than prior UCW type.
⑧ Build and run a framework for managing information about the chemical substances found in procured components and communicating information about the chemical substances found in finished products for customers.
・Fluid Machinery & Systems Company has started a study about alternative materials based on custom pump parts related to the RoHS Directive .
・Fluid Machinery & Systems Company obtained a certificate of non-use of RoHS regulated substances from suppliers of SSPD and SSPC type for the standard pump.
・Precision Machinery Company conducted a PFOA content survey on suppliers of dry vacuum pumps, which are RoHS2 compliant products, and confirmed that there was no intentional content.
⑨ Reduce the environmental load through a product’s lifecycle by continuous reanalysis of technological standards of paints, ingredient materials, etc. from a LCA standpoint.
- Establish and implement standards for topics of environmental concern in CSR procurement.
・The Green Procurement Guideline lists 11 prohibited substances according to the EU RoHS Directive II and is applied to procured products.
⑩ Enhance the availability of products designed for use in the global warming prevention field.
 a. Dry vacuum pumps for solar cell manufacturing
 b. Desalination pumps and equipment
 c. Nuclear power plant pumps
 d. Energy-saving standard pumps driven by high-efficiency motors
 e. High-efficiency chillers
 f. Biomass utilization operations
・We released a new product that contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions when using the product (high-efficiency cast single-stage linear motion pump GSD, small size, light weight, energy-saving water supply device F3100 NEO (MG type), high-efficiency double suction pump CB type product series expansion, pumps that comply with American Energy Regulations (DOE) standards CDU, 3U, etc.).
・ We delivered carbon-neutral biomass power generation facility and started operation (biomass power plant for S).
3. Efforts for Environmental Management
⑪ Run the environmental management system across the EBARA Group and continuously apply revisions to standardize the system rules in operation.
- Link environmental management systems to the other management systems such as systems of energy management, occupational safety and health, and quality management.
・The environmental management systems (EMS) were established at each site and were integrated into the currently operating system of EBARA Corporation.
・In line with ISO standards, we have partially integrated our EMS into our quality management system.
⑫ Thoroughly manage environmental risk by continuous implementation of second-party audits throughout major business sites of the EBARA Group in Japan and overseas. ・Online surveys were conducted for 8 Precision Machinery Company subsidiaries.
⑬ Establish an enhanced sense of ecology among all employees in the EBARA Group through promoting education concerning biodiversity, and environmental contribution activities. ・"General Environmental Education STEP19" was conducted on all employees.
・The annual activities such as "Ebara Corporation, the Forest of Water, Air, and Environment" of environmental conservation activities and World Environment Day/Environmental Month activities were canceled in FY2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic.
⑭ Continuously disclose environmental information associated with business activity in the Integrated Report, especially the enhancement of environmental assessment information on products.
- Continuously increase sales of environmental label certified products.
・Environmental information disclosed in Integrated Report 2020.
・We published environmental evaluation information of products in Ebara Engineering Review and at academic conferences and exhibitions.
・Compared with conventional products, the following four issues "the electric power consumption reduction; weight reduction; amount of power generated through waste incineration; and amount of biomass power generation" were considered as KPIs, and the process and results have been published.
・"eDYNAMiQ," which was established as a technology brand that symbolizes our outstanding technology in standard pumps represented by high-efficiency technology and optimized control technology, is being promoted at exhibitions in Japan and also to the global market.
⑮ Make contributions to society, such as environmental technology seminars, by utilizing technical knowledge developed through the EBARA Group’s business activity and environmental activities. ・EBARA has utilized its experience and technologies to support the EBARA Hatakeyama Memorial Fund’’s activities and has been organizing short-term technical courses at overseas universities every year, but they were canceled in FY2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic