(1) Measures after the state of emergency lifted
- On May 25, Japan lifted a nationwide the state of emergency based on the the special measures for pandemic influenza and new infectious diseases.
- However, as a socially responsible company, we continuously make efforts to avoid the spread of infection. We will continues to take measures to prevent the desease later July.
(2) Actions of the Company’s Employees
1. Work style
- In order to avoid the risk of infection, the company decides to keep the balance between the work-from-home policy and go-back-to-office depending on roles or tasks of employees.
- We are extending staggered working hours and encouraging employees to take the system in order to avoid congested public transportations.
2. Health management and prevention of infection on daily basis
- Wash hands, and disinfect hands and fingers with alcohol
- Wear masks and practice cough etiquette
- Keep the social distances while working.
- If an employee has a fever (37 C or higher) or the same symptoms as the common cold, the employee should stay home. In these cases, an industrial physician will check their temperature and symptoms every day to determine whether or not to go to work.
3. For visitors to our office
- We continuously ask our customers or visitors not to come to our company with a large group of people. Even if a few people including a visitor who has a fever (37C or higher) or common cold symptoms such as cough, runny nose, or throat, we would ask to refrain from entering the office in order to avoid a risk of infection.
- We would ask visitors who need to have meetings face-to-face to wear masks in order to prevent the infection. Also, when you enter the office, pleaes disinfect hands with alcohol placed at the office lobby or the security office.
(4) Measures to be taken if an employee or related person becomes infected
Within our offices in Japan, two employees of EBARA Office in Japan tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus. Under the instructions of the Health authority and industrial physicians that are responsible for the infected person’s workplaces, we followd the following measures. If other people becomes infected, we will take actions in the same way.
- All employees who work at the workplace with the infected person will be temporarily ordered to stay home.
- To prevent the spread of infection, the employees who had close contact with the infected person will stay home for 14 days in principle.
- Employees other than those identified to have close contact will resume their work after the workplace is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. In addition, their body temperature and personal symptoms will be checked for 14 days to observe their health condition.
(5) Factory operations status of EBARA Group
In some countries, some factories shut down or temporarily closed in accordance with the lockdown of some countries, however resumed the operations and continue to work.
The company's confirmed cases of COVID-19 are two employees in Japan and ten employees in other countries (three in the United States, four in Brazil, three in Saudi Arabia).
(6) Impact on the business
In the midst of the spread of COVID-19 all over the world, as we cannot prospect when the situation returns to normal, the impact on the business performance of our group companies is uncertain and reasonable calculation is difficult at the moment caused by domestic and overseas market trends, procedure of constructions, or restricted movement of people. Therefore, the 1-2Q and the full-year forecast have been changed to pending when we announced the results of FY2020 1Q on May 13, 2020. We are planning to announce a revised forecast when possible.