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EBARA exhibits at Ota R&D Fair for the first time Calls for outside collaborators for the Utilization of Radiation-induced Graft Polymerization

October 22, 2020

EBARA CORPORATION (EBARA) exhibits for the first time at the Ota R&D Fair*1, which takes place online from October 22. EBARA will introduce its proprietary radiation-induced graft polymerization technology for synthesizing functional polymeric materials, and will call for outside parties to collaborate and develop products applying this technology.

1. Background
For a creation of new business described in our medium-term management plan, E-Plan2022, we keep updated on social needs from a customer perspective in pursuit of providing solutions that leverage the company's proprietary technologies. To this end, collaboration with other companies including outside research institutes and venture companies is considered under the leadership of the Marketing Division which was established this fiscal year.

2. Outline
EBARA is headquartered in Ota Ward, where nearly 4,200 mid- and small-sized manufacturers are located. Since 2011, the Ota R&D Fair has coordinated collaboration between the companies based in Ota and generated opportunities for innovation and partnerships that lead to the creation of industries for future generations.

At the coming fair, EBARA will introduce its proprietary radiation-induced graft polymerization technology that the company has used for roughly 35 years. The technology is unique and capable of adding new functionality, such as adsorbent, deodorizing, antibacterial, and catalytic capabilities, to non-woven fabrics, nets and other materials made of polyethylene, nylon or other synthetic resins.

EBARA and ECE Co., Ltd. (ECE), which is EBARA’s Group company that handles business for graft polymerization and related products, will introduce the technology and the applied development and find outside collaborators. Meanwhile, EBARA's patented technologies*2 will be presented as well during the fair to call for a use of the patented products.

3. Future plan
An outside partner in graft polymerization may undertake an entire process that includes from creation of samples to mass production in cooperation with ECE. We will collaborate with outside companies in projects to maximize our core technologies in pursuit of a creation of new businesses and solutions that contribute to society.

EBARA Group aims to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through tackling ESG material issues based on our Long-term vision and Mid-term management plan, is working on further improving our corporate value.

*1 The fair can be viewed online on the 10th Ota R&D Fair website by the Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization.
*2 The technologies can be viewed on the Chizaizukan website. Search the keyword, "Ebara".