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Building Infrastructure

Pumps are used for various purposes in buildings and condominiums.
Even though many people do not have much opportunity to see these pumps, which are used for tap water supplies, emergency fire extinguishers, sewage and rain water discharge, and wells, EBARA's pumps support people's daily lives in familiar places.

Direct-water supply booster pump

This pump is connected directly with a city water pipe and provides additional pressure to supply tap water with adequate pressure. This pump eliminates the need for a water receiving tank and enables a hygienic water supply while saving space and energy.

Water supply unit for high-rise buildings

This pump unit has a high capability to supply water up to a height of 60 stories (250m).
It has an enhanced backup function to prevent any water outage in the event of a failure.

Stainless steel vertical multistage pump

High-efficiency and high-performance pumps with stainless-steel hydro parts (impellers, middle casing, etc.) designed by EBARA's original design and analysis method.

Fire pump unit

This pump is used for fireplugs and sprinkler facilities.
It is certified by the Fire Equipment and Safety Center of Japan.

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