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Ebara is committed to contributing to society through cutting-edge products and services and responsible corporate citizenship.

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Contributing to Society through Business and Connecting that to Growth

A look back at “E-Plan 2016,” our medium-term management plan

Toichi Maeda
President, Representative Executive Officer
EBARA Corporation

The 2016 fiscal year* (FY) was the final year of E-Plan 2016. E-Plan 2016 was positioned as a clear turning point from the stage of reinforcing the management foundation of the EBARA Group, to a stage of growth, and we focused on measures for swiftly achieving change and accelerating growth. As a result, the Environmental Plants Business and Precision Machinery Business continued to show robust results in both net sales and operation income. However, the Fluid Systems and Machinery Business was unable to achieve its planned targets in part due to internal factors such as delays in the progress of measures indicated in E-Plan 2016, as well as external factors, including postponement of orders from customers, setbacks in investment decisions, sluggish demand due to a slowdown in Chinese economic growth and a prolonged deflationary economic trend in Japan. For more detail regarding E-Plan 2016 results and the new “E-Plan 2019,” please view our 2017 Integrated Report.

Results regarding priority CSR issues and future endeavors

The CSR Committee, which determines CSR activity policies for the EBARA Group, formulated the CSR Action Plan for Executive Officers to outline priority action issues for FY 2016. This report provides information regarding the actions taken and outcomes achieved in FY 2016 based on that plan. The entire EBARA Group has made steady progress in enhancing internal reporting systems with the objectives of permeating corporate ethics and preventing corruption. Future challenges for the Group include reducing overall working hours through work-style innovation, setting environmental targets that include overseas Group companies, and promoting environmental management.
Moreover, we will continue to contribute to society and the environment through our products and services. We have also included communicating our vision and targets for continual growth and their results to stakeholders in an easy-to-understand manner as a key issue from FY 2017 onwards.

Aiming to contribute to society and the environment as well as foster corporate growth

E-Plan 2019 was adopted for fiscal years 2017 to 2019. To achieve our goal of being a manufacturer of industrial machinery that grows and develops its business on a global basis at an early stage, E-Plan 2019 sets a target of dramatically improving profitability in all businesses and positions this period as a time for “unlimited challenge toward growth.” We believe we will achieve the targets within this plan by proactively making contributions to society and the environment. In FY 2017, we will establish structures to integrate the formulation of our CSR activities, basic management policies, and our business plans to foster contributions to society and the environment as well as our growth as a company.
The EBARA Group continues to support the United Nations Global compact. I hope to advance activities related to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as an important element of management. It is the objective of the EBARA Group to fulfill our stakeholders’ expectations while firmly looking towards the future. We will continue striving to provide products and solutions that can address social and environmental issues.

* Fiscal Year: Beginning April 1, 2016 ending March 31, 2017.