Corporate Social Responsibility

Ebara is committed to contributing to society through cutting-edge products and services and responsible corporate citizenship.

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Integrated Report 2018

Table of Contents

Front Cover
01 EBARA Way
02 Information Regarding Integrated Report 2018 / Contents
09 11-Year Financial Summary
11 Performance Highlights
13 Message from the President
17 Message from Executive in Charge of Finance
21 Progress of E-Plan 2019 Medium-Term Management Plan
EBARA Group's Value Creation Process
23 Value Creation Model
25 Roadmap for Increasing Corporate Value
27 Materiality
29 Overview of and Background for Key Performance Indicators
31 Relationship between Action Policies and the SDGs
Enhancement of Management Capital
33 R&D and Intellectual Properties
39 Human Resources
43 Environmental Measures
Review of Operations
45 Fluid Machinery & Systems Business
49 Environmental Plants Business
Foundations for Growth
57 Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors
59 Board of Directors
65 Corporate Governance
73 Risk Management
74 Compliance
75 The EBARA Group and Its Stakeholders
77 EBARA Group History
78 Corporate Profile / Stock Information
Back Cover