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Work Styles in the COVID-19 Era

September 15, 2020

EBARA CORPORATION (EBARA) is implementing new work styles to address COVID-19, by appropriately implementing or changing infection control measures in response to the continuous need to control the spread of infection even after the Japanese government ended the state of emergency.

1. Background
The company has been taking appropriate precautions to prevent COVID-19 coronavirus infections and providing a safe and secure work environment for our employees to develop work styles that enable better work-life balances in the COVID-19 era.

2. Main work style initiatives in the COVID-19 era
[Expansion of work from home]
・The percentage of office workers working from home has been set at approximately 70%.

[Provision of commuter passes]
・The commuter passes to public transportation users have been suspended. The payment will be deferred according to the actual number of commuting days to the office.

[Expansion of the staggered working hour system]
・The staggered working hour system has been expanded to avoid congested public transportation when commuting to the office.

[Avoiding the Three Cs for persons commuting to the office]
・Satellite offices have been established at certain places to reduce commuting and travel time and avoid the Three Cs (closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings) in the office.
・The Three Cs in factories have been mitigated using shifts and by restricting the number of workers.

[Health management and prevention of infection]
・Checking body temperature every morning has been obligatory.
・The wearing of masks, washing and disinfecting of hands and fingers, etc. are enforced.

3. Future plan
The company has replaced the previous seniority-based grading system with a system that evaluates all employees based on their demonstrated roles and accomplishments in the workplace, with the aim of cultivating a corporate culture that encourages all employees to tackle their work with a competitive spirit and embrace challenges with passion and dedication. In the post-coronavirus era, the company will seek to contribute to society by building a new normal that will best suit us and by developing a global human resource system that enables employees to fulfill their responsibilities and to maximize their full potential in a comfortable work environment.