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The Cafeteria at Kumamoto District Is Certified by the Healthy Meal and Dietary Environment Certification System Following the Fourth Review The certificate of Smart Meal Provider

September 15, 2020

Smart Meal Provider Certificate
Example meal:
Salmon and mushroom with a starchy sauce

EBARA CORPORATION (EBARA) announces that its Kumamoto office cafeteria has been certified as a Smart Meal provider after its fourth review under the healthy meal and dietary environment certification system of the Healthy Meal and Dietary Environment Consortium, which includes The Japanese Society of Nutrition and Dietetics and others.
The Kumamoto office is the fifth certified office, following Haneda, Futtsu, Fujisawa, and Sodegaura.

1. Background
The Healthy Meal and Dietary Environment Consortium examines and certifies restaurants, takeout/delivery food providers, and offices providing food services that offer healthy meals (Smart Meals) and ensure a consistently healthy dietary environment (nutrition information is provided, and measures to address second-hand smoke are taken). The consortium includes 13 academic societies, such as The Japanese Society of Nutrition and Dietetics, The Japanese Society of Hypertension, and The Japan Diabetes Society. EBARA has built and maintained a work environment that is conscious of safety and hygiene, including an awareness of work-life balance and mental health, based on its CSR policy of maintaining safe workplaces and striving to create stimulating work environments. Its efforts in the cafeteria won recognition as one of its CSR activities.

2. Outline
Each office’s cafeteria is working to enable employees to improve their health and prevent lifestyle-related diseases while enjoying delicious food throughout the year.

Office cafeteria initiatives
(1) Improvement of daily diet
- Healthy meals are provided after a concept of lunch menu decided for a whole week.
- Mayonnaise eliminated from the self-service condiment counter and replaced with oil-free dressings to reduce fat intake.
- Salt in miso soup reduced 20% and replaced regular soy sauce and salt with low-salt products.

(2) Provision of diversity-conscious menu items
- The Fujisawa cafeteria started offering foods that do not include animal products in August 2019. There are many employees from foreign countries in the office.

(3) Holding of company events
- They offer meals based on local specialties on August 4, which is Nutrition Day.

3. Future plan
EBARA will continue to promote health improvement efforts to support a healthy work-life balance for our employees and ensure the sustainable growth of the company.

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